Photo of the Week
Winter scenes from Binnian (17 November 2019)

Our photo of the week comes from The Mournes and features a 9 shot panoramic image taken by Paddy Higgins and stitched together in Photoshop. The towers on Donard and Commedagh are clearly visible in the full size image.

Paddy's main passion is Landscape and Seascape photography but he also enjoys doing studio portrait shots. Check out some of Paddy's photographs on his twitter account: @higginspaddy or his instagram account: @paddyhiggins

Past weeks
Sunrise over Carlingford Lough (10 November 2019)
This week's photo features this stunning sunrise over Carlingford Lough captured by Martin McCaul on the 6th November shortly after 07:30 AM. Martin took an interest in photography when he lived in New Zealand. He lived there for 28 years but it was actually on a holiday back to Newry in 1985 that photography became more of a passion. Martin returned to Ireland in 1992 and continued taking photos. He loves to be out early to catch the sunrise and if this photo doesn't inspire you to watch the sunrise this winter we don't think anything will!
On top of Slieve Binnian (03 November 2019)
This week's photo is one of our own … taken from the top of Slieve Binnian last Monday. It features some of the many 'Tors' on Binnian. A Tor is a large, free-standing rock outcrop that rises abruptly from the surrounding slopes. Slieve Binnian is the third highest mountain in the Mournes standing at 747 metres. The circular walking route following the Mourne Wall to the summit of Slieve Binnian and descending along a track past the Blue Lough and Annalong Forest offers amazing views over the Mournes, Silent Valley and Ben Crom. Highly recommend.
Luí na Gréine/ The laying down of the Sun (27 October 2019)
Ireland's ever changing weather and the stunning scenery around the Carlingford Lough and Cooley Peninsula area makes for some incredible sunsets. This beautiful sunset at Bellurgan Point was captured a few days ago by Peter Larkin.
View from the Mournes (20 October 2019)

This week’s photo comes from Peter Lennon. Peter has lived in Northern Ireland all his life, through all the 'troubles' that we endured but it was not really until he started photographing it in an era of peace, that he realised just how beautiful a place it is. This image was taken after a wonderful walk from Meelmore Lodge to the summit of Slieve Bearnagh looking back down the Trassey Track. It is one of his favourite hikes which changes so much with the seasons.
You can check out more of Peter’s beautiful photography on his website:- https://www.peterlennonphotography.co.uk/ and you can follow him on Twitter @peterlennon1, Instagram @fisherwick40 and Peter Lennon Photography on Facebook

Carlingford Lough Sunset (13 October 2019)
This picturesque photo of Carlingford Lough was captured from the wheelhouse of the Carlingford Lough Ferry on Friday evening by Captain Ivor Campbell of Kilkeel, just as the Crew were preparing to dock the vessel at Greencastle following its final sailing of the day. Ivor has a great eye for a photo! The staff get quite competitive but he has a great advantage with his view from the wheelhouse!
Gyles Quay (06 October 2019)

This week’s photo is this great drone shot over Gyles Quay from Damien Callan. Damien is retired and lives in Cooley and has a strong passion for GAA especially Hurling. He also has a love of photography and is getting used to using his drone and getting a birds-eye view.
This picture shows the stone pier which dates from 1824 and a row of pretty coastguard cottages which are now in use as private residences.

Slieve Foy View (29 September 2019)

Our photo of this week is this stunning vista from Slieve Foy.  It was taken by Ciarán Crawley a local resident who enjoys the outdoors, especially hill walking in the Cooley mountains. He works as a sales/marketing manager for http://buildinginfo.com which is a construction information website.

This particular photo was taken on an autumnal afternoon from Slieve Foy overlooking Carlingford Lough with Carlingford village in the foreground. 

Paddle Boarding on Carlingford Lough (22 September 2019)

This week we witnessed some amazing sunsets and a lovely Indian Summer.  Our favourite photo and our photo of the week is this photo of a very lucky paddle boarder paddling on Carlingford Lough near Greencastle.  It was taken by Francie McCracken.

This year Francie has been paddle boarding in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. But he still thinks the best location and best sunsets are on our doorstep - Carlingford Lough. Francie organises lessons and tours throughout the year and advertises on his personal Facebook page. - https://www.facebook.com/francie.mccracken.

It's an easy sport, he loves getting new people out on the water, and it's an amazing experience .... so what are you waiting for?

The 18 Arches (15 September 2019)

Our photo of the week is this stunning capture of the Craigmore Viaduct, known locally as the 18 arches near Newry and the tallest viaduct in Ireland.
It was taken by Peter Fitzsimons. Peter is from Dublin but living in Carlingford and is very passionate about photography. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @peter_photofitz

Peter is currently putting together a portrait photography series. He is looking for volunteers to take part, male or female, who have a story to tell, be it mental health, weight loss, the loss of a loved one, winning the lotto or beating cancer, politics, or anything that will capture the imagination, and or raise awareness. If you are interested in taking part please get in touch with Peter. He will be arranging a date for a photo shoot most likely October 5th in the City North Hotel.

Narrow Water Keep (08 September 2019)
This week’s photo is this beautiful shot of Narrow Water Keep on the shores of Carlingford Lough with Slieve Foye in the distance. It was taken by Jason Ruddy. Jason is a keen photographer who lives in Warrenpoint. Follow him on Twitter (@jasonruddy04) or Instagram (@jason_ruddy87) to view more of his stunning photography.
Out of the Blue (01 September 2019)

Our photo of the week features another stunning view from The Mourne Mountains - this time from Slievenaglogh. It was taken by Séan Quinn.   Séan works as a bus driver and support worker for the Southern Health and Social Care Trust and is a founder member and Chairman of the charity ‘Run For Autism HAND’. He is a keen runner and loves hiking, particularly in the Mournes, whilst raising Autism Awareness at the same time. Séan undertook most of his training for last year's Dublin City Marathon in the mountains. He enjoys taking photographs whilst out and about in the mountains using his phone with no filter! You can follow him on twitter @seanquinnHAND

Gyles Quay (25 August 2019)

Our photo of the week features this beautiful picture of Gyles Quay taken by Padraic Reid.

Padraic is a retired Customs and Excise Officer who was stationed in Culloville Bridge from 1975-1978. He enjoys talking photographs especially in the Carlingford Lough area. And we definitely enjoy the beautiful photography that he shares.

Moon rise from Greenore (18 August 2019)

Our photo of the week is this stunning capture of the moon rising from Greenore, looking out towards Haulbowline Lighthouse.  It was captured by Paddy Higgins on Friday night. Paddy is an amateur photographer from Warrenpoint. He had hoped to capture the lighthouse in front of the moon but it hid behind a blanket of cloud until it was above the lighthouse. 

Paddy's main passion is Landscape and Seascape photography but he also enjoys doing studio portrait shots. Check out some of Paddy's photographs on his twitter account: @higginspaddy or his instagram account: @paddyhiggins

Haulbowline at Night (11 August 2019)
This week's photo is this stunning nighttime capture of the illuminated Haulbowline Lighthouse. It was taken by Stephen Rooney who has had an eventful few weeks and was lucky enough to get a personal tour of the lighthouse recently. Keep an eye out for BBC newsline next week as they filmed the illumination and it should feature on their news on Monday. Stephen is a young award winning artist from Dunavil near Cranfield, Co. Down. Have a look at his twitter account (@artistrooney) to see some of his wonderful photography, videos and paintings. On a more sombre note, this week marked the week that Ruth Maguire was due to be married. Ruth tragically lost her life last March in Carlingford Lough. Carlingford Lough Ferry ran a special trip and 70 members of Ruth's family were on board to lay wreaths and floral tributes in Ruth's memory.
Haulbowline Lighthouse (04 August 2019)

Our photo this week is this stunning vista of Haulbowline Lighthouse as the sun sets over Carlingford Lough. In keeping with the now annual tradition of illuminating Haulbowline during the month of August in memory of all those who lost their lives in Carlingford Lough, we dedicate this to their memory.

Haulbowline is an active 19th century lighthouse which was built on a semi-submerged rock with fast currents running around and was considered a remarkable achievement at the time. According to 'Seashaken Houses: A lighthouse history from Eddystone to Fastnet' - the rock was known as 'Little Hawl Bowling' and later as Haulbowline - a name derived from the Old Norse meaning 'haunt of the eels'. You can read more about the lighthouse here:- http://www.lochcairlinn.com/Places/Haulbowline-Lighthouse.

This photo was taken by Coastguard volunteer Peter Larkin on Friday evening while out on an exercise with Greenore Coastguards.

Roche's Castle at sunset (27 July 2019)

This week's photo features this beautiful picture of the sun setting behind Roche's Castle, also known as Castle Roche. Castle Roche is a Norman castle not far outside Dundalk. It was built in 1236 by the De Verdun family on a steep rocky outcrop commanding beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

This photo was taken by Niccolò Mancini who is from Milan, Italy but is living in Dundalk and is a keen photographer. You can view more of his photos on his Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/hodos.fotografia and his Instagram page: hodos_fotografia

Golden Moon (21 July 2019)

Our photo of the week is another fantastic capture from Gerald McGivern. This picture of the moon over Carlingford Lough shining like a diamond ring in the sky was taken about 11:30pm last Wednesday.

Gerald is a professional drone pilot holding permission for commercial aerial operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), based just outside Warrenpoint and has been providing Aerial Photography and Video across Ireland for the past 6 years.

You can follow Gerald at www.facebook.com/SeehigherUAV or view his website www.seehigher.com for more information.

Fields of Barley (14 July 2019)

This week's photo of the week comes from Paul Gilgunn and features winter barley ripening in front of the ruins of Stephenstown House, Knockbridge, Co. Louth. Paul took the picture with his Canon 700D last Sunday morning.

Stephenson House was built in 1785 by Matthew Fortescue for his new bride Marian. It is located on the highest point in the area dominating the landcape. It is a square Georgian house, 2 storeys high with a basement. The house was extended in 1820 with the additon of 2 one storey wings. In 1817 William Galt was contracted by Matthew Fortescuce to build two ponds. William Galt was married to Agnes Burns - a sister of the famous Scottish Robert Burns and they lived on a cottage on the estate. Stephenstown pond is now a nature park and tourist attraction. The house was sold in 1974 and unfortunately was let fall to ruins in the 1980s.

Paul Gilgunn , works and maintains Dundalk Famine Graveyard and you can follow him on facebook Paul Gilgunn Photography (https://www.facebook.com/Gilgunnpaulphotography), on twitter (@PaulGilgunn1) and Instagram (paulgilgunn_photography)

The Seatruck passing Haulbowline (07 July 2019)
Mid summer evenings are perfect for a flight over Carlingford Lough and the Cooley Peninsula. This particular scene of the Seatruck passing Haulbowline Lighthouse one summers eve was captured brilliantly by Mark Rooney, co director of E.M Films Ltd on his Phantom 4 pro. E.M Films are a new cinematic film studio based in Kilkeel County Down who specialise in cinematic advertising and business promotions. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram as @emfilmsltd.
Moonlight over Cooley (30 June 2019)
This week's photo features a beautiful moon over the Cooley Peninsula. We were blessed with some amazing sunrises and sunsets this past while, each one showcasing the beautiful area we live in and all it has to offer. But this shot of the moon taken by Peter Larkin earlier in the week gives the sunsets a run for their money!
Moon Reflection (23 June 2019)

Our photo of the week is this amazing capture of the moon reflecting in Carlingford Lough by Gerald McGivern.
The picture was taken at 120m above the townland of Grinan looking south east over Warrenpoint. The timing and position were critical to get the shot with the moon centered between the mountains while catching its reflection in the Lough. Gerald has been trying to get this shot for a number of years and around 11pm on 18th June, the moon height, position and weather conditions were just right.

Gerald is a professional drone pilot holding permission for commercial aerial operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), based just outside Warrenpoint and has been providing Aerial Photography and Video across Ireland for the past 6 years.

You can follow Gerald at www.facebook.com/SeehigherUAV or view his website www.seehigher.com for more information.

Pigeon Rock (16 June 2019)
Our photo of the week features this beautiful sunset taken from Pigeon Rock in the Mourne Mountains. It was taken by Daragh Hollman, a venture scout with the Howth Sea Scouts from Dublin. As part of a chief scout award for one of their troop, they undertook 3 days and 2 nights hiking the Mourne Way. The first night they camped on Pigeon Rock beside the Mourne wall and witnessed this beautiful sunset. The 2nd night they camped in Meelmore Lodge. They used water purification tablets and collected water from streams, brought all their own camping gear and food as part of the Chief Scout Award requirements. They had a great time and left nothing but their footprints!
Slieve Foye Trio (09 June 2019)

Our photo of the week features these beautiful horses, pictured in Omeath, against the backdrop of Slieve Foye and a moody sky.

Omeath has always had a strong connection with horses. Through the years horse fairs and jaunting cars were part of Omeath right back to the 1920s when people gathered to look at horses at the crossroads or take a trip though the pretty village in a jaunting car. Omeath continues this association with horses with the equine charity Holly’s Horse Haven, which has been located in Omeath over the last 10 years - it is a 100% voluntary, 24/7 cross border critical care and rehabilitation centre who strive to support equines in need.

Mourne Wall (02 June 2019)

Our photo of the week features the amazing Mourne Wall making its way up Slieve Bearnagh and was taken by Graham Pollock.
Graham is a keen hill walker from Co. Armagh and Slieve Bearnagh is one of his favourite hikes in the Mournes. You can follow Graham on twitter @GrahamPoll1 to view more of his beautiful photography.
The Mourne wall was completed in 1922 after 18 years construction and has recently undergone a restoration project which carried out 600 repairs. It is approx 22 miles / 35 km long and runs across 15 peaks in the Mourne mountain range. It’s perimeter marks the boundary of the 9,000-acre catchment area of the Ben Crom and Silent Valley reservoirs.

The Forest Chair (26 May 2019)

Our photo of the week was taken by Hugh Rogers and features this carved forest chair which you can find on the lower trails of Kilbroney Forest.  Hugh is from Annalong at the foot of the majestic Mourne Mountains. He takes a lot of pictures from around Carlingford Lough and visits Omeath and Carlingford regularly.  Hugh is an amateur photographer and uses a DSLR camera and phone with a little edit now and again.  We think his pictures are stunning and you can see more by following him on Instagram @hugrogers.

Kilbroney Forest Park is situated in Rostrevor, Co. Down and  offers a wide range of activities and facilities including a children’s play area, picnic areas and a café as well as a caravan and camping site.

Castle Roche (19 May 2019)

This week’s photo features this stunning black and white image from Conor McEneaney.

Castle Roche (more commonly called Roche Castle) has dominated the landscape north west of Dundalk for almost 800 years. The castle was completed by 1236 for Rohesia de Verdun whom according to local legend, pushed her husband to his death from their bedroom window. 

Conor is from Dundalk and in recent years has been more focused on visual art in the form of photography, particularly landscapes and black & white.  He is drawn to the dynamic and changeable conditions of the Irish coastline.

Check out Conor’s website and social media accounts to view more of his stunning photography.

Instagram: @conor.mc.eneaney
Twitter @conorphotoart

Clarke Station (12 May 2019)

Our photo of the week features the no. 85 Merlin arriving into Clarke Station and was taken by Darran Rafferty. The Merlin, which dates from 1932, is the last remaining full-sized compound locomotive at work anywhere in the UK and Ireland. Merlin is on long term loan to the Society from the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, although her tender belongs to the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland. (Read more about the no. 85 Merlin here)

Darran works in the Dundalk Democrat and is a keen photographer. For the past 6 years he has produced local calendars featuring some stunning photography from around the Dundalk area.

You can view more of Darran’s work on his web and social media pages:



Instagram: @darranrafferty, @dundalktownphotos

Website darranrafferty.com

Twitter: @DarranR, @DundalkTnPhotos

Greenore Railway Memories (05 May 2019)

In 1954 a long battle to save the Dundalk-Greenore-Newry railway line failed and one of the most scenic train routes in the country was lost.  Its stunning views are evident in this week's photo of the week.

This is one of the bridge crossings which is now near the 7th tee on Greenore Golf course and it boosts stunning views of Carlingford Lough and the Mountains of Mourne.  An Industrial Heritage Survey of Railways in Counties Monaghan and Louth  by Fred Hamond and Charles Friel presents the results of a survey of the disused railways of counties Monaghan and Louth and contains a wealth of information about the remaining bridges/level crossings/stations houses of the original railway line.

 For more information click here

Bluebells and Bracken (28 April 2019)

If you go into the woods today … you’ll be greeted with a beautiful carpet of vibrant bluebells amongst an enchanting tree canopy. Since 1998, native bluebells have been protected by Schedule 8 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act in the UK.  If you visit the bluebells in BigWood, Warrenpoint, please do not trample them  or pick them and use the designated paths/trails.

Bluebell woods are particularly sensitive to footfall and if their leaves are damaged they can struggle to grow back.  The Irish Bluebell population is significant internationally as it is globally threatened due to destruction of habitat and hybridisation with the Spanish Bluebell.  

In folklore, bluebells are often called ‘fairy flowers’ and it is said that the bluebell flower’s bell could call the fairies when rung. A white bluebell occurs once in every 10,000 so you will spot an occasional white bluebell amongst the sea of blue.  In the words of Emily Bronte

“The Bluebell is the sweetest flower,

That waves in summer air:

Its blossoms have the mightiest power,

To soothe my spirit’s care.”

Memories from Corrakit, Omeath (21 April 2019)

Today's photo comes from Sinéad Larkin from Dromintee, South Armagh, who now lives in Belfast but continues to be a frequent visitor to the Cooley peninsula.

The photo is very personal in nature being the home of Sinéad's grandparents Francis & Minnie O'Hagan (nee O'Neill from Glenmore). The house at Corrakit, Omeath is no longer occupied but is lovingly maintained by Sinéad's uncle Charlie O'Hagan, who, when building his own house did not demolish the house in recognition of its significance to the O'Hagan clan, 17 generations of the family having been reared in the house.

The O'Hagan homestead sits above Omeath at the foot of Slieve Foy overlooking the stunning Carlingford Lough towards Warrenpoint and the Mournes beyond.

In years gone by it and the area in which it sits was the childhood playground of Sinéad and her siblings who travelled on a weekly basis to stay with their grandparents. And what a spectacular playground it was and remains. Nestled in beneath Slieve Foy with Anna Bog and the Long Womans Grave within easy reach the opportunities to create many happy memories which remain vivid to this day were ample. Thankfully the area remains virtually unchanged.

Views from Slieve Binnian (14 April 2019)

This week's photo comes from Conrad Madden and features stunning views overlooking Ben Crom Reservoir from the north side slope of Slieve Binnian. In the distance is Slieve Bearnagh to the left and Slieve Donard far right. To view the dam walk from Carrick Little car park on the Head Road, Annalong. Well worth the walk to witness these stunning views.

Conrad is based in Warrenpoint and loves getting up into the hills with the camera to capture the beauty of what we have on our doorstep. You can view more of Conrad’s work on his website:
and keep an eye out on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Conrad-Madden-Photography-Video-176046169073624 and his twitter page https://www.twitter.com/CMPWarrenpoint for some amazing photographs and video showcasing our beautiful surroundings.

The Fairy Glen (07 April 2019)
Earlier in the week we travelled to Rostrevor and took in the beauty of Kilbroney Park and the Fairy Glen. Belfast born CS Lewis spent a lot of time in Mourne country and referring to the area said "I yearn to see County Down in the snow, one almost expects to see a march of dwarfs dashing past. How I long to break into a world where such things were true" and in a letter to his brother he said "That part of Rostrevor which overlooks Carlingford Lough is my idea of Narnia" This picture is of 'The Fairy Glen' / 'Gleann Sí' - the home of the 'wee folk' which stands at the entrance to the beautiful Kilbroney Forest Park, the home of the Narnia trail which leads you into a magical world. Check out more things to do around Rostrevor on our website: http://www.lochcairlinn.com/Towns/Rostrevor
Seatruck Performance (31 March 2019)
Our photo of the week comes from Jason Ruddy who lives in Warrenpoint. It features the Seatruck Performance heading into Warrenpoint Port on a calm Carlingford Lough earlier in the week. Jason is a keen photographer and you can follow him on Twitter (@jasonruddy04) or Instagram (@jason_ruddy87). The Seatruck Performance is now a familiar sight on Carlingford Lough along with its sister ship Seatruck Precision. It was built in 2012 and currently sailing under the flag of The Isle of Man. It is one of four identical 'Roro 2200' design sister ships designed and built for Seatruck Ferries in Germany. From September 2012 - August 2018 the cargo ship was renamed to Stena Performer for use on the Stena line Belfast to Heysham route. On Friday 31st August 2018 she departed Heysham as 'Seatruck Performance' in her reapplied seatruck livery for her first crossing to Warrenpoint arriving around 7am on 1st September. (https://www.niferry.co.uk/seatruck-performance-9506227/)
Moonlight over Carlingford Lough (24 March 2019)
Our photo of the week features a beautiful moonlight over Carlingford Lough. We dedicate this to the 3 young people who tragically lost their lives in the Carlingford area last week. Rest in Peace Ruth Maguire, Shane McAnallen and Martin Patterson. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamacha.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank An Garda Síochána, The Irish Coastguards and Rescue 116, Greenore & Clogherhead Coastguards, South Down Coastguards, Mourne Mountain Rescue, Clogherhead, Kilkeel and Newcastle RNLI, HM Coastguard, Irish Red Cross and all the local residents who helped out.
Sheep and Snow on the Cooley Peninsula (17 March 2019)
Our photo of the week comes from Alice Duffy. She captured this unusual scene featuring blue skies, eager sheep and snow covered Cooley mountains last Monday. Alice is originally from Jenkinstown, but has been living in America since 1991. She has spent, 18 years in Chicago, Illinois and has been living in Dallas, Fort Worth since 2010. Texas people remind her a lot of Irish people, very welcoming and laid back. Texas scenery however is so flat,miles and miles of farmland fields mostly for cattle rearing. She likes to come home as often as she can and loves taking in the "air" at Greenore and Carlingford, enjoying the Cooley mountains and farm life. "You have to go away to appreciate the beauty of the peninsula ! Its fabulous. There is no place like home !"
Narrow Water Keep (10 March 2019)

A photo taken of Narrow Water Keep in Carlingford Lough by Gavin Curtis, a local pilot based in Newry. Gavin is a keen flyer and his aerial photography has attracted interest from other pilots further afield who plan future visits to the local Carlingford Lough area. Gavin flies extensively in Europe but it is his Carlingford Lough photos that have won recognition including ‘Photo of the Month’ in the Pilots Magazine. Some of Gavins trips can be followed on https://youtu.be/GhmxeXiumCo or https://youtu.be/mKjy1R9wlB8

The Silent Valley from Slieve Binnian (03 March 2019)
Thanks to James M Carlisle for this stunning capture of the Silent Valley from Slieve Binnian earlier in the week. James is a 66 year old retired civil engineer. He is from North Wales originally but has lived in Carrickmacross this last 20 years. He walks extensively in the Mournes and the Cooley's. You can follow James on Twitter @JamesCarlislef1 and instagram @mckenzief1
Slieve Bearnagh and the Mourne Wall (24 February 2019)
Our photo of the week features the famous Mourne Wall stunningly captured by Paddy Higgins. Paddy is an amateur photographer from Warrenpoint. His main passion is Landscape and Seascape photography but he also enjoys doing studio portrait shots. He loves to travel and has recently returned from a 3 week overland trip through Spain and Morocco where he drove over the snow covered Atlas Mountains and wild camped in the Sahara desert. Paddy always trys to get to the Mournes at least once a week. His favourite peak is Bearnagh and his favourite walk is to follow the Trassey River up to Hare's Gap then across Slievenaglogh, Slieve Corragh and up to the summit of Slieve Commedagh. Check out some of Paddy's photographs on his twitter account: @higginspaddy or his instagram account: @paddyhiggins
Carlingford's Shops and Pubs (17 February 2019)
This great collage of photos of some of Carlingford's Shops and Pubs is taken from a larger album of photos from Niccolò Mancini and features as our photo of the week. Niccolò is from Milan, Italy but is living in Dundalk and is a keen photographer. You can view the full album of pictures on his facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/hodos.fotografia
Proleek Dolmen (10 February 2019)
The Proleek Dolmen is set in the grounds of Ballymascanlon Hotel and it is one of the finest examples of a portal tomb /dolmen in Ireland. It dates to about 3000BC and is over 3m in height and has a huge capstone that weighs over 35 tons. This picture was taken earlier in the week. You can find out more about the Proleek Dolmen here: http://www.lochcairlinn.com/Places/Proleek-Dolmen
Sunset over the Mournes (03 February 2019)
Hope you enjoy this beautiful photo from Jen Duffield. It is a view of the Mournes at sunset from the windy gap in Dromara and is one of Jen's favourite views. Jen is a keen photographer and sunset is her favourite time to photograph the Mournes. She spends most of her free time photographing the Dromara hills or hiking the Mournes with her camera. You can follow Jen on twitter at @jennyd198 and on instagram at @its_a_jenny_thing
Snowy Slieve Foye (27 January 2019)
This week's photo of the week comes from Derek Watters. It's the summit of Slieve Foye, Co Louth's high point at 588m taken last Tuesday. The first snow of 2019 fell on Monday night with an additional fall on Tuesday. Windchill was -7C. Derek is a qualified mountain leader and climbs Slieve Foye almost daily (300 times in 2018). He does miss the occasional day but never a snow day! He is passionate about mountain safety and can't emphasise enough that people should be mindful of the dangers on the mountains.
Dancing Light (19 January 2019)
This week's photo of the week comes from Dara Curran. This was taken from a walk in Kilbroney Forest Park earlier this week, where Dara found the perfect resting stop to take in the dancing light over Carlingford Lough. Dara is no stranger to the mountains around Carlingford Lough and is a keen photographer. You can follow him on twitter @hashtagdara and instagram: https://www.instagram.com/backpackandcraic/
View from the Bridge (12 January 2019)
Our photo of the week comes from Steve Cheeseman who is a captain with Seatruck Ferries. He captured this beautiful sunrise at Warrenpoint last Tuesday morning. He is in Warrenpoint most days and thinks that it is definitely one of the nicest ports in the world!
Winter Sun (06 January 2019)
A view over the entrance of Carlingford Lough. The sun came out for a while to warm these two, giving a nice orange glow to the scenery
Shelling Hill Beach (29 December 2018)
This week's' photo was sent into us from Audri Marrs who is visiting the area from Denver, Colorado. A beautiful December sun setting on Shelling Hill Beach.
The Peace Stone (23 December 2018)
This week’s photo of the week features ‘The Peace Stone’, Warrenpoint.
This granite standing stone on the promenade at Warrenpoint was dedicated to peace as part of millennium peace promoting projects in August 2000.
Cooley Sunrise (16 December 2018)
"There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them"

Jo Walton

This week's photo of the week comes from Ann Larkin. She captured this beautiful sunrise earlier in the week on a morning walk on the Cooley Peninsula. We love the colours and the reflection of the sky in the puddles.
'Tis the season (10 December 2018)
This week's photo of the week features the beautiful Christmas lights at Fitzpatricks Bar and Restaurant in Jenkinstown on the Cooley Peninsula. Well worth a visit to check out the decorations alone.
Rainbow (02 December 2018)
This week's photo of the week comes all the way from New York. Catriona Cullum is a RN (Registered Nurse) in NYC. Her mother is from Mucklagh on the Cooley Peninsula. When in Ireland she spends as much time in Mucklagh as she can and her picture shows a beautiful rainbow over Mucklagh.
Carlingford Lough (27 November 2018)
A view of the majestic mournes from a still and peaceful Carlingford Lough at Carlingford. Even on a cloudy day the view is stunning.
Gyles Quay (18 November 2018)
Gyles Quay is a small seaside village and was named after Ross Gyles who built a wooden pier there in 1780 which was replaced with the present day stone pier in 1824. In the 19th century its location made it convenient for illegal smuggling of wine and tobacco. To help curb this smuggling a coast guard watch station was constructed in 1823. A small village grew around the pier A row of pretty coastguard cottages are still standing and in use as private residences.
Autumn Views (11 November 2018)
Beautiful Autumnal views from Ravensdale Forest Park. The forest is located in the wooded demesne of the former Lord Clermont’s estate. There was a house called Ravensdale Park but it was destroyed during the troubles in the 1920s. It is well worth a visit for a picnic and/or the beautiful forest roads and trails. There are three way marked trails in the forest, the Tain Trail, the Ring of Gullion and the shorter 1.5km Ravensdale Loop trail.