Nestled between Co. Down on it’s northern shores and the Cooley Peninsula, Co. Louth on the South, the area around Carlingford Lough is one of outstanding natural beauty. Steeped in legend and history the area has something for everyone. We hope our website helps you to explore and fall in love with all it has to offer.

Photo of the week

It was hard to choose just one photo of the wonderful selection of photos posted by Damien Jackson of Finn the dolphin earlier this week. Damien took this photo around 8am on Friday 29th July. He was in the area as he was photographing the triathlon which was held in Kilbroney Park on Saturday. He stayed in Carlingford in his small campervan the previous night hoping for some nice colours over the lough on Friday morning. As the weather was calm, damp and misty he decided to head to the beach at Greenore to take some photos of the boats moored in the area. After 10 minutes or so he noticed the dolphin rising out of the water, just his fin and curved back. A couple of times when he dived his tail fin was out of the water like the classic whale photo so Damien thought the boats aren’t going anywhere, let’s see if I can get a nice wildlife shot. It was then the water exploded as Finn propelled this salmon out of the water and chased it. Damien immediately changed to a longer lense, hands trembling as he realised this could be a shot in a million, also knowing the the dolphin might not even appear again! So the next 15-20 mins were spent watching and waiting thinking where will he pop up next and then it all kicked off. Finn again propelled the salmon up in the air and chased it. The propulsion happened so quickly that Damien is still not sure whether he threw it with his mouth or propelled it with his tail. The series of ‘action’ shots lasted intermittently for about 8 minutes throwing the salmon around and chasing after it and then he just went back to frolicking around, presumably the salmon had been eaten. Damien's heart was left pounding after this possibly once in a lifetime experience and he just couldn’t wait to download the images onto his laptop, 1. To see if they were any good as you can never trust the back of the camera and 2. To have a back up copy just in case! He was understandably thrilled with the end result and we love them.

Damien lives in Tramore, Co. Waterford and his hobby/passion is photography. His favourite genres are landscape/seascape and sports but he dabbles in other genres such as wildlife and some studio work. A lot of weekends are spent around the country in his campervan seeking out new adventures and photography spots. Damien is a firm believer that the more you get out in nature, the more you increase your chances of something out of the ordinary happening and he certainly proved this last week in Greenore. Damien's website is www.djackson-images.com and for those interested in photography you can also follow his adventures on his YouTube channel

IMPORTANT: Please remember to keep your distance from Finn if visiting. The best way to see him is from the shoreline where you will not disturb him in any way. If he approaches you while kayaking, boating, jet-skiing, please slow down and don't surround him. And please don't attempt to swim with him - Greenore is unsafe for swimming and Finn is a wild animal and as such unpredictable. Disrupting his resting or feeding times can negatively impact Finn causing a “disruption of natural behavioral patterns" and as he would usually burn up to 33,000 calories a day - equivalent to 25 kilograms of fish - he needs time to do so.